Hasbulla Cat Video Viral On Internet, Why Did Hasbulla Arrested Reason And Charges Explored!

Hasbulla is an influencer on social media. He is well-known because of his looks. He’s too small for his age. He’s just 3 feet tall and 4 MMA in the height department. He is a Russian influencer, who was recently caught in a pet acquisition. His popularity has not diminished after the video of him mistreating his pet became popular. The video, even after being deleted by him, pushed him into controversy. The video posted by the Russian social media influencer is a short clip of him kicking his cat. The animal, Barsik, was hurt by him, and the clip went popular through social platforms. Then, he removed his video but it was not of any benefit. The video was already entangled in controversy.

Hasbulla Cat Video Viral On Internet, Why Did Hasbulla Arrested Reason And Charges Explored!

Hasbulla Cat Video

The video was released via the YouTube channel. It isn’t longer available on YouTube as of the Russian influencer was forced to remove the video. The person who appears to be a tyrant pulled its ear and beat his head. The influencer did not stop after and continued to kick the pet. The cat was left with no option to defend himself. The poor cat was left with no recourse. The counterargument was that He did not intend to harm the cat, and that he was training his dog to be a good one. The cat breed is part of members of the Scottish fold. The cat is the pet to the famed Hasbulla however, he was not well-treated by the famous.

The fans of Bulla are in surprise after learning that he abused his pet. The cat was left in a state of utter helplessness and was unable to defend itself against its owner. Hasbulla said to the media that it was not his intention to slap his pet, but he was instructing the animal in discipline. However, his supporters do not agree with his explanation and argue that the reasons he gave are an attempt to hide from the problems.The 20-year-old influencer after posting the video publically on YouTube is not arrested or placed in police custody. The influencer defended himself by claiming that he did not intend to harm the cat, rather he was disciplining it because of not being in a good mood.

Because the tape wasn’t so crystal clear, it became hard to make a conclusive conclusion that it was Hasbulla. When a video was shown in parallel it was obvious that it was Hasbulla. He was in identical clothing and the video was recorded at his home, which gives a fantastic answer to all questions about the identity of the person. His net worth of Russian influential Hasbulla is estimated at about USD 200,000. The baby was born on the 7th of July 2002. With a cute face and baby characteristics, the cat is a hit within the world of media. He is the most talked about image on social media following when the cat’s video.

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