Xolani Khumalo Sizokthola Crew Attacked In Rustenburg Video Viral On Social Media!

Recent news about Xolani Khulalo and his crew has been spreading on the Internet. As soon as the public learned about him, everyone went online to find out more. When something happened in a celebrity’s life, the public began to search the internet for further information. This time, our readers won’t need to look anywhere else, as we have all the details on the viral news that is currently circulating about him and his crew.

Xolani Khumalo Sizokthola Crew Attacked In Rustenburg Video Viral On Social Media!

North West SAPS has reportedly opened an investigation into malicious property damage in the wake of Moja Love’s attack on his squad. Xolani Khumalo and his team of Sizokthola presenters were attacked in Rustenburg while filming an arrest of a drug dealer for the popular crime series. It was sad to watch. Zimoja stated that there was a commotion when the team arrived at Coconut Lounge to find the suspect. Everyone was eager to meet the host of the show. Management and security then stopped the crew. The crew was unable to leave the lounge or speak with the suspect.

Xolani Khumalo Sizokthola Crew Attacked

Some of them managed to escape on foot but the security had sealed off the gate. The crew outside managed to unlock the gate lock, allowing the people inside to escape. It was disappointing to see because it was clear that criminals were always protected. The management and security shielded that person despite his being a drug dealer murdering youths. A source told the newspaper, “Cry, my beloved nation.” Zimoja claims that the crew had already left the lounge boundaries when the Coconut Lounge security threw bottles at them. As a result, one of their vehicles suffered damage.

According to a Sunday World article from a few years ago, Xolani received death threats by unidentified drug dealers. She was therefore living in constant fear that she would be killed. According to an article in the Sunday World, people who wanted Moja to stop airing the show threatened the lives of Xolani and Aubrey Tau as well as the CEO of their company. According to a reliable source, they had to beef up their security. The show had a significant impact on drug lords. It has caused a lot of commotion in the drug industry. As a result of the show, drug traffickers have threatened Xolani & Aubrey.

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