Alexee Trevizo Baby Husband And Boyfriend Real Name Images And Autopsy Details Explained!

Many people are interested in knowing what Alexee Travizo’s relationship with her boyfriend is. Who is her boyfriend? The public is interested in finding out more about the father of their child since Alexee is believed to be the one responsible for the murder of her child.  Alexee Trevizo is in the news for killing her baby son. What is the reason she killed her own child? Alexee Trevizo is said to be a 19-year-old woman. According to the sources, the baby was thrown away inside the trash bags. The postmortem reports say that the baby was killed. Trevizo mentions her baby’s death in the birth.

Alexee Trevizo Baby Husband

Alexee Trevizo Baby Husband

The report in the hospital reports the baby had lung air leakage. There was nothing wrong with the baby and he was born out with no issues. Since news of the murder spreads, many are seeking out information about her boyfriend. According to people and sources who have spoken to them, there is no information regarding her relationship. The name of her boyfriend hasn’t been disclosed as of yet. There is no information about her boyfriend. Alexee herself has denied any such incident and claims that the child died at the birth.

We can’t confirm anything until the matter is settled. There are some sources online that claim that she was in an intimate connection with her spouse. Based on the information that are provided, the involvement of her father is not apparent in this particular case. There is no evidence of his involvement in the killing. The baby doesn’t have any physical injuries. The baby was healthy when he was born. The postmortem report states that his stomach and lungs were filled with air when he was born. The reason for his death is thought to be due to suffocation. It is apparent it was breathing less, and the child died due to an insufficient supply of oxygen. The charges have been filed against Alexee.

Alexee could be sentenced to the death penalty for murder in the first degree. Trevizo is believed to have given the birth of a child. But, the child had been killed by her. The woman has been accused of murdering her child. According to the sources the child died by the mother placing it in the garbage bag. Its CCTV footage also shows the same incident and dispels all doubts regarding the child’s death. The child’s death is believed to have been caused by inhalation. Keep an eye out for further details regarding the investigation.

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