Kayla Montgomery Mother Christina Lubin Father Age Wiki Bio Images And Net Worth!

Kayla Montgomery has been a part of the headlines since her trial began on Friday. In court, Kayla Montgomery testified against her husband, who she has remarried, and is charged with murdering his child. Since Kayla Montgomery was in court, she has become the focus of attention in the community. People have been scouring the newspapers to discover who their parents were. In the next section, we’ve shared all the essential details you need to be aware of regarding her case and the trial in which she faced on Friday.

Kayla Montgomery Mother Christina Lubin Father Age Wiki Bio Images And Net Worth!

Kayla Montgomery has been a hot topic on the internet because of her role in the murder trial of her stepdaughter who was five years old, Harmony Montgomery. In this case, she has been the main character. In a bizarre sequence of events Kayla Montgomery testified in the trial of her husband who was estranged from her, breaking into tears on a Friday morning. The shocking events were revealed by Kayla Montgomery appeared in the trial for murder that was commenced by Adam Montgomery who is accused of murdering Harmony in the year 2019. When she died Harmony Montgomery was just 5 years old.

Kayla Montgomery Mother Christina Lubin

Adam Montgomery had to stand trial for the third time in the same row on Friday, but his absence was noted at the end of day three, when the wife Kayla Montgomery gave her testimony. The 33-year-old Kayla gave a gruesome account of the incident as she was a key testimony at the hearing. Kayla said that her husband Adam was violently slapping Harmony after he broke out in an angry rage on the 7th of December the 7th of December, 2019. After punching the girl, who was five years old, Kayla Montgomery saw her dead.

In a shocking twist of fate, Adam Montgomery allegedly folded Harmony’s body in an unpacked bag and stored Harmony’s body in a freezer at a restaurant. Adam was said to have spent hours dismembering the body of Harmony to make it fit into the small bag. Kayla Montgomery told the police, “It was evil crazy eyes” and how he acted toward his child. What was the reason Adam struck Harmony? Kayla was the witness who testified that Adam struck his daughter after being in a bathroom accident while driving the car. He was unable to keep him from attacking her as the look she gave him was terrifying. Kayla admitted to the trial “I was terrified. He told me, ‘I believe I’ve hurt her. There was something I could feel.”

Kayla also revealed that the abuse began in the early hours of the morning, when she and her spouse, Adam Montgomery, went to a methadone-based clinic as well as Burger King. Every when the car stopped at an intersection, Adam would go between the seats and kick Harmony on his head.” Adam kept saying”Shut the f*ck off. Stop crying.”

At present, Kayla is in jail for telling the court that she did not know Harmony’s location when the police reported that she had gone missing. First, Kayla said Adam had dropped her off during her work shift at Dunkin Donuts and taken his daughter to her mom’s house. The next day, Kayla confessed that she lied to a grand jury regarding the location of Harmony’s home. “I was scared for myself and my children and for Adam, because I didn’t want anyone to get in trouble and I was scared,” Kayla admitted to the grand jury.

Then, Adam continued to plead not to the charges he was facing during his in trial, including second-degree murder in connection with Harmony’s murder on December 7 2019. About Kayla Montgomery, who has made the news due to the shocking details she revealed, she’s her daughter Christina Lubin who accused Adam (Harmony’s biological father) of being an incriminate with a history of addiction to drugs and substances. Her mother Christina Lubin came to light after she publicly accused Adam of serious charges which added another level of intrigue to the investigation.

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